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Euro-Budo International / UKMAGB
European Random Attacks Championships
2014 - Loughborough

Random Attacks Course & Competition 2014 - Results & Report

Loughborough, UK

The Successful UK Team EBI Random Attacks 2014 - LoughboroughThe UKMAGB was proud to hold the EBI Random Attacks 2014 International Competition with representatives from the UK, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy & Romania.

The UK Team won 7 of the 24 medals available in an exciting and superbly run competition at the fantastic facilities at Loughborough University.

Report by Sensei Peter McCarney - see below.

For Photographs - see below.



EBI Random Attacks Competition 2014 Results

Fighter Pos.   Fighter Pos.
Juniors Boys     Juniors Women  
ADAM RAMSEY (GB) Bronze Medal   SOPHIA ALLWOOD (GB) Bronze Medal
Youth Boys     Youth Girls  
Seniors Men     Seniors Women  
FLORIN ANGHELUTA (RO) Bronze Medal   LISA WILKES (GB) Bronze Medal
OLIVIER DOOMST (BE) Bronze Medal   HUI NING CHONG (GB) Bronze Medal
Masters Men     Masters Women  
ANDY JONES (GB) Silver Medal   HAROULLA METAXAS (GB) Silver Medal
RONNY CORNAND (BE) Bronze Medal   SONJA DEFERME (BE) Bronze Medal


You will find the Photos (Free to Download) from the European Random Attack Championships here.



Euro-Budo International Random Attacks
Report by Peter McCarney

EBI Random Attacks 2014 Loughborough - Competition Hall

UKMAGB Hosts The Euro Budo Random Attack Championships 4th-6th July 2014

Following Jikishin’s entry into the Euro Budo Random Attack International Competition held in Belgium in 2012, Hanshi Brian Herbert, 8th Dan, Head of the UKMAGB and the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association, was invited to host the Event in 2014. Hanshi proudly accepted the Invitation and after some investigation and scrutiny, Loughborough University was the firm choice by the committee of Sensei Colin Humbles, Ian Dingle Shelley Able and Wayne Williams. This proved itself to be a superb venue with its plethora of sporting facilities, which have helped it to show itself as the premier choice of the British Olympic Team, the England Football Team and more in their own preparations for competition. You would be forgiven for failing to realise that the University is also famed for teaching Economics, Mathematics and more such is its reputation for producing sporting giants: Seb Coe is just one of its best known alumni and others are honoured by plaques embedded in the walkway to the Sports Hall, the Students Sports Bar, the Linford Restaurant ? you get the idea.

Loughborough University Campus - AerialA wander around the campus showed an all-weather football pitch, able to accommodate both the traditional 11-a-side and also two 5-a-side pitches. A full Cricket pitch in superb order with clubhouse. A rugby practise pitch with Rhino Scrum pack machinery and a clubhouse; Basketball and Netball pitches; a swimming pool; The Paula Ratcliffe Sports Stadium - yes, really; and a superb Sports Hall, which was ours for the Course and Competition. All among the Teaching & Lecture Rooms and Buildings dotted around the place. Oh and a brand-new Sports Medicine Annex close to completion.

I was fortunate to get a glimpse of the huge logistics behind running such a large and prestigious event. It was daunting and everyone is indebted to the committee of Sensei Colin, Ian, Shelley, Wayne and their partners. They had to bring a couple of hundred people to site, accommodate, feed, water, par-tay with them and also mount a course and competition with podium, medals, mementos and more. All with 400+ brand new mats, provided by sponsors Sportag.

In support of this, a Breakfast meeting was held on Fro 4.Jul, in which Sensei Colin Humbles, Bart Van Hoef and Luc Cogneau discussed the structure and rules of the competition. In this, they were joined by Sensei Ian Dingle and Francesca, who had left home at 4:30AM to make the meeting set for 7:30AM. Blimey. And there was so much more?.

- EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014On arrival at Loughborough Uni, following an interesting ‘dog-leg’ or three away from the SatNav route, which kept re-configuring itself, we went straight to the Sports Hall and started to lay the first of the 400+ brand new mats. It really was a wonderful sports venue and proudly bore a legend on its facing wall: WHERE HISTORY BEGINS. Who could doubt it? The legacy is everywhere. The practise mats were also laid and the other impedimenta installed and tested. After which, we adjourned to our accommodation on-site and the Towers, both East and West. It was quite brilliant to be able to bring us all together and so close to the Hall. Our Belgian Friends arrived in large numbers and soon adorned their tower with Belgian Flags. Sensei Chris Carter, who displayed an enormous Union Flag, which hanging from his window, could probably be seen in Essex, restored the honour of the Brits.

We’d earlier had an excellent lunch in the Chinese Restaurant; what, you didn’t know? Yes, there’s one on the campus by the Bespoke Coffee Bar, near the Night Club (one of two) and the well-stocked Shop that had, well, everything really?

Anyway, we forced ourselves into the Linford Room for dinner. More a feast, really, as there was a large choice of dishes, chocolate gateaux, salads, juices, tea, coffee and all in abundance. The Restaurant is very capable and geared to serving large numbers in very quick order. And there was lots of food?

As everyone seemed to get into the party mood ? a bit early but you know what everyone is like ? I went to bed only to be called out to meet the late arrival of the Italians. In this, Sensei Colin, Ian, Wayne and myself met Sensei Massimo and Sensei Florin and the Accommodation Bureau (open all night) quickly performed the domestics and we all got to bed ? except those who preferred to par-tay?.

The next day, following a Full English Breakfast ? it had EVERYTHING ? the Officials and Team Leaders met at the Sports Hall for a review of the Rules after which we adjourned for Lunch. It was phenomenal: I really don’t eat that much but?it was Great and it had to be done. Following which?.

The Course

Hanshi Brian Herbert - 8th Dan EBIRA 2014Hanshi Brian proudly opened the Course and Thanked all those attending including Teams from Belgium, Holland, Spain and individual Sensei from Ireland and Romania and of course Jikishin and our Team UK. Hanshi Brian invited Sensei Grant Wakeman, 4th Dan, to lead the Warm Up, which he did with his usual invention and gusto. He performed a sparkling routine with punching, kicking and stretching and all to a dynamic tempo. Well done to those who were able to keep up. I wasn’t one of them as I had had to let out my Gi waistband following Breakfast and Lunch.

Sensei Grant Wakeman - Cane Master - - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014Having settled to taking some photos, I was able to watch the various training syndicates. Sensei Grant led an illuminating seminar in Cane. He is a Black Belt in this under Cane-Masters and using Sensei Eddie Garvey, 5th Dan, was able to show both the Defensive and Responsive techniques available to the knowledgeable Cane user. Very useful for when you go the Post Office to collect your Pension and some misguided ne’er-do-well decides to illegally separate you from your Pension. Having learned from Sensei Grant, you will know what to do. Yes, Strikes, Locks, Strangles, Chokes and Throws all flowed from his Cane.

Moving across the mat, I watched Sensei Don Came, 6th Dan, Kissaki Karate, demonstrate Technique. This was educational to me in that he never issued a Strike blindly but rather with Intention and the knowledge of what it could do. The other salient thing was that at each position, his Technique was informed by his Posture/Stance. Sensei Don made the point of ‘Hammer and Anvil’ ? which is a term I’ve used myself to illustrate my thinking except that Sensei Don moved beyond that and made the point that his Technique was ‘Live’. This was perfectly clear as he moved from a Shock Strike Technique in which he kindly delivered it to the Chest rather than the more vulnerable Side Neck but as he moved his Hand, his whole Body was behind it. This was moving as an integrated unit and allowed him to be ‘in the moment’ and so able to respond to a change in circumstance rather than be locked into a uniform Response, which might not work out as, imagined. I enjoyed that.

Master Hui - Kung Fu -- EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014Moving on to Mat 3, Master Hui, from Hong Kong, by coincidence, demonstrated precisely the same principle. The approach was only slightly different yet it was the same. Students were paired and performed drills though, as said, in principle it was about moving as an integrated unit ? a whole person ? and meeting the reality of the attack. Enjoyable stuff.

Hanshi Brian called a Break to allow us to take a drink and collect ourselves for the move to the Ju Jitsu seminar section. We reassembled and Hanshi took Mat 7, in which I was able to learn with an Italian Sensei and Sensei Florin from Romania. Hanshi captivated everyone’s attention as he demonstrated an exposition in MMA Escape and Control. In the first he was able to defeat a Double Leg Takedown by replying with a Sprawl. Immediately, he Pressed Down to trap the Attacker and then pivoted with his Leg describing an arc so allowing him to complete the circle and finish his Escape by just drawing back the erstwhile trapped leg. Simple and effective but not easy, though certainly clever. Hanshi built on this with a variation that allowed him into a Takedown and Trap to Finish. This was similar to a Crab Claw Scissors except that he didn’t reverse himself yet he was able to reach between the Legs of the Attacker to capture the Right Leg to draw him backwards and to the mat and then to transition to Lock and Finish. If you find this difficult to visualise, then that’s perfectly fine and one of the reasons to train with him. Certainly my colleagues from Italy looked to enjoy it, if finding it a challenge to emulate.

Sensei Graham Sargeant 6th Dan - - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014Sensei Graham Sargeant, 6th Dan, took the mat and from a Front Strangle issued a Break to each Arm. By this, I mean he broke the Strangle on each arm not that he broke the arm?.He then segued into a 4th Dan Embo and issued double Knife Hand Strikes (Shuto) followed by Double Punches, Draw and Double Shoulder Dislocation to Finish. There was more. If you want to know more, then you should have been there?.

Sensei Ricky Izod, 6th Dan, moved onto our mat at the changeover and used a Single Hand Block to a Double Hand Strike. It also allowed him to Take the Attacker’s Left Hand and issue a Distraction Strike as he then turned a circle under the trapped arm and then gently pulled to draw the Attacker to the mat. Over-and-out. As my colleagues were marvelling at this, Sensei called me out and I had the honour of being Uke as he met my (same) Attack with his (same) Single Arm Block, Take, Distract before he locked me up and drew me backwards to the mat and then?and then?and then?well, it was wholly puzzling but I was suddenly trapped, thoroughly locked and he had both arms free and En Guard whilst sitting on me. Great Technique.

Eventually Hanshi Brian called “Yamai” and thanked everyone for a great afternoon and we then had a quick wash and brush up before making it to the Uni Student’s Sports Bar ? yes, we found it ? and watched the World Cup. Ah, pity the poor Belgians?. It ended in a Late One.

The Competition

The following day, it was back into the Restaurant for a Blow-Out Full English Breakfast, well, it was for me as I was to look after the Practise Mat. The competitors settled for Cereal, Danish, Juices, Yoghurt and all the healthy options. I let my waist-belt out another notch.

Chinese Dragon Entertains Spectators and CompetitorsAt the formal opening of the Competition, Hanshi Brian gave the mat to Master Hui’s students to perform a “Lion Dance”. This was absolutely superb. The Lion appeared from behind the Practise Mat curtains and, as is the way of a Lion, was sleepy and only too happy to take a nap on the mat. A Gentleman in a Mask looking to provoke the Lion foiled this. This was a delightful Play and in due course, the Lion roused himself and responded to the prods of the Mask and mounted Attacks and Retreats before deciding to disport himself amongst the audience in the bleacher seats. This was great fun and the children loved it. The Lion capered both up and down and across the seats until eventually he returned to the mat: all this to the accompaniment of drums and other musical instruments. It was great entertainment and an athletic achievement by the senior students of Master Hui.

The Sports Hall at Loughborough UniversityOn then to the competition: The competitors gathered on the Practise Mat to warm up and stretch their joints and then suddenly Sensei Vince Bull, as Compere, announced that the Male Adult Masters would being on Mat 1. I then led them out and into the “I’m Famous” camera team to photos but this didn’t last long as there were too many and the spectators wanted to see the competition start. So, we binned that and went straight on to the mat; a learning experience for me.

As the Competition unfolded, I could hear the raucous roaring and cheering. I also learned how distracting it can be for those in competition who compose themselves in Stance ready to face the Uke when they hear “Red Attack” or “White Attack” and they happen to be on the same side as the curtains and can see everyone peeking through the curtains at him or her. It’s not really fair when the other person on the mat is facing towards an empty wall and not a bunch of faces. It is very off putting and I shan’t let that happen in future.

Competition - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014The process began to flow and work well. As Sensei Colin Humbles for Uke for Ian Dingle, Lisa Wilks and others, he ceded Mat Control to Sensei Wayne Williams and this worked very well. He was able to keep us all informed on the progress of each mat and when the next competition set was likely to be begin. Jessica Bostock, Lyn Herbert, Frankie Keeling, Shelley Able, Sensei Tony Park, Sarah Bull and Jackie Walker fed into this loop. In turn, this meant that I could give a 10 minute or 5 minute warning for the batches of competitors on the practise mat either preparing or composing themselves before the competition.

Now, in competitions injuries sometimes do occur; hopefully none too serious but it is a reality. We were fortunate in that Sensei Grant Wakeman had remained in contact with one of his students, Competition - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014Sensei Anthony McEwan, who upon succeeding in Dan Grading, changed his job and went off to learn to be an Osteopath. He has successfully graduated and had finally received his Certificate the day prior to the Competition. This allowed him to be on hand with his expertise for those who were injured on the day or aggravated an existing injury. Our luck Competitioncontinued with Elycia Metaxas-Belt (Rula’s neice) who was over from Australia and is a professional Physiotherapist to an Australian Rugby Team. Wasn’t that lucky for us?? I believe the first customer was Sensei Grant Wakeman. Others followed through the day including Sensei Chris Carter, who was Uke for Sensei Andy Jones and others. Sensei Chris sustained a severe bang and was warned off the mat but his determination to support his Teammates resulted in him continuing and showing great team spirit and met success for his training partners.

The Practice Mat - EBIRA Loughborough 2014Being in charge of the Practise Mat meant that I saw little of the competition, so I direct your attention to the many videos that have since populated Facebook. There are some demonstrations of great Technique that enthralled the spectators. Moreover, Sensei Earl Walker, 4th Dan, was the Event Photographer and took over 1,300 photographs so if you competed, you are probably there somewhere.

Following our single success in Belgium in 2012, in which Sensei Carrie Bywater won Gold in the Ladies category, we were able to build on this with 3 Silver medals for Sensei Andy Jones, Sensei Rula Metaxas and Charles Farrelley plus 4 Bronze medals for Sophia Allwood, Adam Ramsey, Lisa Wilks and young Elenka Figueira. The comment from a foreign senor sensei was that the “standard had gone up” which is a great testament for all the training sessions for the Team UK Squad headed by Sensei Lee Bywater, 4th Dan. A very well done to all!

Competition - - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014The Organisers - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014A word also now for Jake Humbles, Organiser: Jake manned the Desk during the Course and Competition, and, as has been said (by me on my FB page) ‘if your name wasn’t down, you weren’t getting in’. He was far more tactful and diplomatic than me and smoothed the path for all take part in the course. Equally, Colin’s sister-in-law, Poro, is owed a large debt, as she also took part as Organiser, and was able to translate into Spanish, French and even English (mainly for those who speak Thames Estuary English, innit).

The Finale

The Pilgrim Bandits was the Jikishin Charity of Choice and sold shirts, water bottles, and more in support of those British Military members who sustained serious injury including amputations following service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Competition - EBI Random Attacks - Loughborough 2014I’m Famous had a phot studio set up and took photographs of all course members and competitors and gave great souvenirs especially for our friends from Europe. To the T Shirt stand, where I got 3 x T shirts (thank you Sensei Paul Lyus) and you can expect me to be wearing some of these at our Annual course and competition later this year in Basildon.

Finally, we finished the Event with a Farewell Dinner in the Linford Room. Again, superb food and lots of it and then to the Bar. You’ve seen some of evidence, there was dancing on tables... and we made some great new friends.

Thanks to our Friends in Euro Budo for their confidence with the Random Attacks Competition. To Hanshi Brian Herbert, 8th Dan, Head of Jikishin for Hosting the Event. To Sensei Colin Humbles, 5th Dan, Ian Dingle, 1st Dan, Wayne Williams, 3rd Dan in their Vision and their detailed Planning; you really have no idea how much work went into it. To Sensei Grant Wakeman, 4th Dan, in arranged collection and delivery of that enormous second set of brand new mats, Sensei Anthony McEwan, Osteopath, Sensei Earl Walker 4th Dan, Photographer, Sensei Tony Park, 3rd Dan and Frankie Keeling for Randoms, Times, Attacks checks, Lyn Herbert, Jessica Bostock, Sensei Sarah Bull, 4th Dan, Jackie Walker, 3rd Dan, Scribes, Belts, Control. Sensei Vince Bull, as Compere. Sensei Wayne Williams as Mat Organiser and Controller. To Jake Humbles and Poro, Organisers.

The Successful UK Team

Sensei Lee Bywater, 4th Dan, Team UK Coach and, of course, the whole Team!

Report by Sensei Peter McCarney