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Introduction to Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu was the original Samurai Japanese Martial Art.

It began with the training that the Samurai Warriors undertook in order to learn to defend themselves on the battlefields of feudal Japan. Using the Samurai sword (Katana), and other weapons, on foot and on horseback and often dressed in full armour made Ancient Japanese Samuraifrom bamboo; the Samurai went to war. The Art of Ju Jitsu was taught separately, and was to be used if the Samurai was unhorsed, and had lost his weapons. Unarmed, the Samurai would still be in a position to defend himself against both an armed and unarmed enemy. The aim was the same as for the unarmed combat skills taught today; incapacitate, maim or kill the attacker, and escape to fight again.

Ju Jitsu today is based on unarmed self-defence. The Art of using the traditional Japanese weapons is still practiced today, and is still considered to be beneficial to the skills base of the Ju Jitsu exponent. However, Ju Jitsu is geared more towards the street situations in the sometimes dangerous towns and cites the world today.

Situations that might be met on the violent, modern day streets might include criminals who are muggers, robbers, rapists, or simply thugs who consider perpetrating violence upon other people as fun! Ju Jitsu shows you how to use your body as a weapon to defend yourself against attackers, with minimal effort and maximum effect. Strength need not be the prime consideration, as often the attackers weight and or momentum is utilised against them, using throwing or locking techniques, and understanding where and how to strike with maximum effect, will enable the Ju Jitsu exponent to act - and win. The self-confidence that comes with being ready, willing and able to protect yourself, becomes self evident to others, particularly the criminal element and the attacker is likely to seek out an easier, less confident target.

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