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About Ju Jitsu
Become Proficient Through Regular Training

Train regularly to improve and retain skills.

Many men and women (and children) have become highly proficient in Ju Jitsu, due to hard work and diligent training. Due to the fact that much of the way that Ju Jitsu works depends on the application and diversion of the force of the attacker, this is a very suitable method of defence for people of smaller stature.
Moreover, women and children especially are able to gain a great deal from Ju Jitsu, and many have been saved from assault and injury through knowledge, understanding and application of its techniques.
As sex is no barrier to learning, so age is also no obstacle. Newspapers often have reports of elderly people who train regularly in Ju Jitsu. and benefit greatly from it. One of our older students took his Second Dan at the age of 72, and is still training in his eighties.

Japanese Kanji (ideaogram) Of Ju JitsuThe Police and Prison Services, as well as the staff of secure facilities where challenging behaviour is common, (such as specialist hospital and school environments) are taught techniques directly from, or based on those used in Ju Jitsu, in order that they are able to control and restrain violent individuals under their supervision.
Many members of these services join our Ju Jitsu clubs and train on a regular basis. Many take advantage of the wide range of skills, utilising restraint techniques which are effective, without causing permanent damage to the person being restrained.
During training and while the student is taught fresh and exacting techniques, they will continue to practice the techniques already learned until these become second nature.
As with many things in life, only practice, practice and more practice will ensure that any student will reach their full potential. This applies to Ju Jitsu, and life in general.

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